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One year ago, Stendal cellulose Co., Ltd. launched a test project for Langsheng's newly developed lewabraneasd series membrane components. At present, Langsheng's new reverse osmosis membrane (RO) components have successfully completed a year of practical testing in Germany's largest industrial water treatment plant

at Stendal cellulose Co., Ltd. in arneburg, Germany, the brand-new element equipped with ASD water inlet diaphragm has attracted much attention for its high performance and continuous high-level interception effect. In order to realize the application of brackish water, LANXESS optimized the components of lewabrane brand, so that it has two characteristics: extremely low energy consumption (le= low energy) and high pollution resistance (fr= pollution resistance)

Alexanderscheffler, head of LANXESS global membrane business, said: "our ASD products and other manufacturers have jointly participated in the benchmark test conducted in one of the largest pulp mills in Europe, and have made outstanding achievements, which once again demonstrates the excellent quality of LANXESS products. "

this project requires that the conventional reverse osmosis element and the standard water inlet partition be installed together in a single pressure vessel; at the same time, the fr element and the Langsheng new ASD partition are installed together. Langsheng partition has a special" shape ", which reduces biological growth and particle pollution by minimizing the dead corner area. This shape is arranged by alternating thick and thin wires (alternate stranddesign at the lower end of the test piece) , hence the name

frankgorges, a technician at the water treatment plant of Stendal cellulose Co., Ltd. in arneborg, was excited about the test results: "we are deeply impressed by the powerful performance of LANXESS ASD membrane components. We have tested many products in the factory, and few other products can maintain such stable and high performance in a whole year."

during the project, the RO components of LANXESS showed first-class performance and sustained high-level desalination effect, which had a positive impact on the service life of the mixed bed and the chemical dosage required for ion exchanger regeneration

one year later, these membrane elements were removed and sent to the Application Laboratory of LANXESS in pittfield for "Anatomy". Compared with standard grade components, ASD grade products have little increase in the pressure drop on the membrane components, indicating that the blockage caused by dirt or biological growth is relatively small

productivity improvement deformation measurement of composite laminates, etc. there are optional video optical extensometers with high resolution, high accuracy and fast image acquisition speed, which can greatly facilitate and improve the work efficiency Fixture selection: a successful clamping solution requires that the sample will not slide and will not cause clip fracture

in addition to the antifouling lewabraneb400frasd used in the test of Stendal cellulose Co., Ltd., LANXESS also launched another high-quality product lewabraneb400leasd, whose innovative water inlet partition has increased productivity by 4%. For users, this means that the potential energy savings will also reach 4%

previous computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations have shown that ro components equipped with ASD inlet barriers can indeed achieve a higher level of performance than standard grade products. In addition, the scaling tendency in the membrane element is reduced. Dr. jenslipnizki, director of membrane technology marketing of LANXESS liquid purification technology (LPT) business department, said: "according to our calculation, the use of new components can reduce energy demand and prolong service life.

LANXESS water treatment process is applied to pulp manufacturing

Stendal cellulose Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of American Canadian joint venture Mercer international, and it is also the largest NBSK with the most cutting-edge technology in Central Europe (Northern bleached softwood sulfate) pulp manufacturer. With its outstanding characteristics, especially high tensile strength and high whiteness, its pulp is used to produce high-quality printing and copying paper, wallpaper base material, paper towels, kitchen paper and other household paper, filter paper, and a series of other special papers, such as silicone base paper

wood elements (such as bark and lignin) that are not available in pulp production are usually sent to the boiler room for incineration. In this case, a process combining heat and electricity can produce heat energy used as steam and electricity with heating devices and temperature measuring devices installed outside the machine head. The plant, located in the north of Saxony Anhalt, can generate enough electricity to meet its own needs and transmit most renewable energy to public electricity

Stendal cellulose Co., Ltd., located in arneborg, needs more than 50000 cubic meters of water for pulp manufacturing every day, which needs to be treated with reverse osmosis and ion exchange resin. Lewatimonopluss100 and lewatimonoplusm600 are used in multi-step process, while lewatimonoplussp12h and lewatimonoplusmp500 are used in mixed bed. Relevant knowledge about hydraulic universal machine

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