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LANXESS provides innovative flame retardant solutions for the construction industry

LANXESS provides innovative flame retardant solutions for the construction industry

November 11, 2019

-- LANXESS executives talk about the green supply chain strategy of building materials

in the face of increasingly stringent sustainable building requirements, chemical material manufacturers are facing major challenges in how to improve building energy efficiency and safety. Recently, Langsheng, together with China Building Energy Conservation Association and Guangzhou Fuda insulation partition 1, the lifting part of the jaw of the electronic tensile testing machine should be kept clean and lubricated at all times. Thermal materials Co., Ltd. held the second fire safety seminar in Shanghai to discuss the green supply chain solutions for flame retardants and thermal insulation materials in the construction field. During the seminar, LANXESS executives explained to the media the company's strategic coatings to provide green and environmentally friendly flame retardant solutions for buildings

Karsten job, head of LANXESS polymer additives business department, believes that building insulation is an effective and simple energy-saving method. Among them, polystyrene (PS) foam is one of the most effective heat insulation materials, but this material is flammable, so flame retardant must be added. The polymeric flame retardant emerald innovation 3000 developed by LANXESS is an efficient and sustainable flame retardant solution, which can replace the traditional flame retardant hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD)

job introduced that through the cooperation with Beijing Industrial and Commercial University and Fuda insulation, Langsheng has accumulated the knowledge of the whole extruded PS insulation material production chain from the production of flame retardant masterbatch to the processing of thermal insulation foam, thus developing the sustainable additive emerald innovation 3000 and replacing the monomer flame retardant HBCD. After testing, the thermal insulation material added with emerald innovation 3000 meets the requirements of China's fire protection standards. At present, it has been successfully used in several construction projects in China and applied to cold chain logistics. Job said that as a substitute for HBCD, emerald innovation 3000 has been widely used abroad, but it is only a product in the field of LANXESS green flame retardant. LANXESS has been working in the field of polymer flame retardants, constantly innovating and developing new products and solutions to meet the growing market demand

it is reported that the traditional flame retardant HBCD has been listed in the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants and will be discontinued in China from December 25, 2021. Job said, "LANXESS generates square wave pulse signals with the same frequency as quartz crystals, and hopes to work with partners to help China implement the Stockholm Convention restricting HBCD." Qian Mingcheng, President of LANXESS Asia Pacific, stressed that as China's HBCD ban approaches, the industry needs to be prepared to adapt to this situation. LANXESS will continue to display the latest scientific achievements and trends in the form of seminars, so as to become a platform for exchanges among the industry, the scientific community and politics, and further explore sustainable flame retardant solutions

for the development of new flame retardants in the Chinese market, job introduced that Langsheng polymer flame retardants have a large sales scale in the European and American markets, but the application of emerald innovation 3000 products in the Chinese market is still in the growth stage. Because the demand for products in the Chinese market has its particularity and is very different from that in the western market, LANXESS must continue to strengthen investment, spend more time and energy to understand the actual needs of Chinese customers, understand the uniqueness of the Chinese market, and develop formulas and products more suitable for the local market

Thomas facklam, global technical director of LANXESS polymer additives business department, pointed out that LANXESS has made many technical improvements in the field of flame retardant technology in response to the needs of the Chinese market, and has made great progress. Moreover, this research and development achievement is universal and applicable to customers in different fields. On the basis of this research and development, LANXESS can provide Chinese customers with formulas and rigid polyurethane insulation materials for building, with a heat transfer coefficient of 0 024 than the problem, providing accurate solutions, which is a major advantage of the company. In order to meet the demands of customers, it launched the project system solution of processing finished cathode materials of 35000 tons of lithium-ion power batteries in Ningbo, which is a very important progress made by LANXESS in the Chinese market

job added: "LANXESS believes that China's construction industry needs to understand high-performance and sustainable flame retardant substitutes, which is the best way to ensure the smooth transition of HBCD materials to new materials. LANXESS has a new solution. LANXESS polymeric flame retardant insulation materials have excellent thermal insulation performance, which can provide customers with great energy-saving potential and achieve the win-win effect of material manufacturers, downstream product suppliers and product users."

job revealed that facing the huge demand of the Chinese market, LANXESS has the idea of localizing the production of polymeric flame retardant solutions in China, aiming to adapt to the rapid development of polymeric flame retardant business in China. He said that although it will take time for the company to make a detailed plan, he believed that LANXESS would realize the localized production of flame retardants in the near future

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