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LANXESS tepex high-performance composites are used in the manufacture of BMW rear muffler

on January 5, 2015, Cologne - engineers are increasingly using tepex high-performance composites produced by bond laminates, a subsidiary of LANXESS group, to significantly improve the mechanical strength of components made of fiber-reinforced, compressed thermoplastic compounds. The latest application example is the rear muffler of BMW I8. Using the direct long fiber thermoplastic (DLFT) process, it is made of long glass fiber roving reinforced compression molding polypropylene compound, and the embedded layer made of PEX Dynalite 104-rg601 is used as the surface layer by the guide wheel between the working platform of te pressure testing machine and the side column 1. "Because tepex Dynalite 104-rg601 can maintain rigidity at high temperature, it can ensure that the muffler cover does not deform or crack in the hot environment of the rear muffler. In addition, our tepex composite material can also improve the strength and impact resistance of components at freezing temperature." Harri Dittmar, a composite material expert at bond laminates, explained

significantly enhance rigidity and impact resistance

tepex in addition, the embedded layer thickness is 0.5mm, which is made of polypropylene matrix with 47% continuous glass fiber roving as a single-layer fabric. Dittmar explained, "due to the addition of this inlay, the stiffness of the anechoic cover is increased by 4 times at room temperature and 6 times at the working temperature of the rear muffler, respectively." In addition, the impact resistance has also been enhanced. The penetration test results according to DIN EN ISO standards show that compared with pure polypropylene matrix and DLFT compression molding compound, the impact strength of components with tepex Dynalite material at room temperature is increased by 8 to 9 times. Dittmar said, "under the temperature of -30 ° C, the impact strength can even be increased by 10 times, while the products of pure polypropylene matrix and DLFT compression molding compound will break after being impacted, but our tepex material products will not have this phenomenon."

great potential in combination with GMT and lwrt materials

when using other compression molding thermoplastic compounds and molding materials to manufacture parts, tepex materials can also be used to exert local reinforcement. For example, in terms of mechanical properties, tepex reinforced DLFT polypropylene materials are equivalent to glass felt reinforced or glass fiber fabric reinforced polypropylene matrix thermoplastic systems (GMT and gmtex). "Therefore, tepex materials combined with DLFT process are expected to significantly save costs, such as in the manufacture of underbody components." Dittmar explained. Polypropylene matrix and lightweight reinforced thermoplastic (lwrt) are used to manufacture underbody panels because of their high sound absorption performance, and the stiffness can be significantly improved by using tepex surface layer. Using single-layer tepex materials, I won't introduce more components here to maintain the sound insulation effect. "The components made can easily bear the mechanical loads in road traffic"


LANXESS is a leading supplier of special chemicals in the world, with a total sales of 8.3 billion euros in 2013. It has about 16700 employees worldwide and is distributed in 52 production bases in 29 countries. Langsheng's core business includes the development, production and sales of plastics, rubber, chemical intermediates and special chemicals. Langsheng has been included in the leading sustainability index Dow Jones World sustainability index (DJSI) and FTSE4Good

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