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LANXESS provides pigment protection and services for the coating industry. With the theme of "pigment + protection", LANXESS, a special chemicals group, will participate in the European coatings show held in Nuremberg from March 29 to 31 to show its rich product portfolio applied to the coating industry, including a wide range of pesticides, preventol series, halogen-free phosphorus based flame retardant additives levagard and distlamoll, And bayfomox's unique spray application products. Bayferrox and colortherm series of high-performance pigments with super light stability, weather resistance and chemical resistance, as well as levanyl and levanox, organic and inorganic pigment preparation agents, will also participate in the exhibition, adding a touch of brightness to the exhibition

booth manager, Dr. Volker Schneider, head of the paint performance center of LANXESS inorganic pigment business department (IPG), said: "Langsheng's exhibition at the Nuremberg exhibition focused on its expertise in customizing special chemicals. These products enable our customers to accurately adjust the formula to meet different application needs. We provide high-quality products, sustainable production processes, professional application experience, and product registration assistance."

the unique Bayer Le 100 red pigment series of the inorganic pigment business department contains a rich range of colors, from yellow to blue, with distinctive characteristics. The Laux process used to obtain high grinding stability and color quality stability in the manufacturing process of these pigments is indispensable. This production process has been used for 85 years in Langsheng, the world's largest inorganic pigment production plant located in Krefeld Uerdingen, Germany. It is characterized by the continuous use of reaction heat generated in the synthesis process. This heat energy is used to produce steam and hot water for subsequent processes. Therefore, the whole production process hardly needs external heat energy, and the energy efficiency is still unparalleled

in addition to red pigments, LANXESS will also show high-performance yellow iron oxide pigments this time. This low-silking yellow pigment product - thanks to this rule, it has a wide range of uses. The excellent performance of xiaoerle 915 comes from its unique particle morphology. Because the pigment particles are almost spherical, the "pigment needle" will not point to the direction of the brush, so the wiredrawing effect is prevented. The micronized Bayer 3910lv is especially suitable for high filling and low viscosity pigment pastes because the pigment particles are very small and almost do not form pellets

"LANXESS is looking forward to seeing a large number of audiences from the Asia Pacific, especially China." Lfgang oehlert, vice president of Langsheng inorganic pigment business in Asia Pacific, said: "We are very happy to receive more and more customers from the Asia Pacific region at this important industry exhibition. They are very interested in our high-performance Bayer products produced in Germany. Bayer is famous all over the world for its excellent grinding and thermal stability. As our Asian customers produce more and more high-end paints and coatings, their demand for these high-tech products is also growing."

in order to promote the outdoor application business, the functional chemicals business department (FCC) expanded the product portfolio of pigment preparation agents in 2011. The new grade preparation agent products based on high-performance inorganic and organic pigments are a supplement to the existing levanyl series, which has been proved to be very successful in indoor applications. The new products pave the way for the development of pigments with purer colors, brighter colors and stronger light stability, and greatly increase the color gamut

in addition, FCC, as a supplier of a variety of special colorants, is optimizing its distribution channels in Europe. In the second quarter of 2011, 2 wood plastic composite will extend the existing logistics concept of soluble macrolex dyes to all colorant products. Dominik RISSE, head of the FCC colorant market, said: "this will allow us to provide products to our highly specialized customers more flexibly. In the future, even small quantities of colorant products, European customers will be able to purchase directly from LANXESS."

fcc has developed a new spray foam application for the two-component bayfomox polyurethane system in cooperation with fluid systems, headquartered in Haan. This unique foaming fire retardant coating can make complex compounds and synthesized products have flame retardant properties quickly and efficiently. Bayfomox sprayed foam coating has better thermal insulation performance than traditional foaming fire retardant coating, and can be adjusted to have sound insulation performance if necessary

fcc will also display halogen-free multi-purpose phosphorus based flame retardant additives levagard and distlamoll. The special properties of these transparent flame retardants enable them to be used in paints and coatings as solvents, viscosity reducers, dispersants, wetting agents or defoamers that do not contain volatile organic compounds

a growing trend in the pesticide market is the use of low-cost products that can effectively deal with target organisms without damaging the environment. The preventol product series of MPP has been proved to be effective by the market. Now the series has launched more formulas that do not contain volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients to the environment. At the Nuremberg exhibition, LANXESS will display the active ingredients and preparations of pesticides used in a variety of occasions, including wood protection products, antifouling agents, and preservatives that can ensure softness and flexibility where needed, as well as paint, coating or plaster

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