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LANXESS launched new tepex high-performance composites

German bond laminates GmbH, a subsidiary of special chemicals giant LANXESS, recently launched a new type of tepex brand continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic high-performance composites, including halogen-free flame-retardant polycarbonate composites

jochen Bauder, general manager of bond laminates, said, "our new tepex fr products have passed the UL 94 fire safety standard of the Underwriters' Testing Institute of the United States. The thickness of the samples is within 0.4 to 2 mm, and they have reached the highest UL standard v0."

tepex FR is mainly 0.5 to 1.2 mm thick. The volume content of fiber is 45% - 55%. The composite shows excellent mechanical properties. For example, according to the fiber content, the bending modulus of carbon reinforced material is GPA, while the modulus of glass fiber reinforced material is between 20 and 24 GPa

their mechanical properties, light weight and easy handling make these new composite materials particularly suitable for the production of large, thin-walled and hard shells, such as notebook computers, tablet computers and televisions. Bauder said, "they can replace aluminum and magnesium and are easier to produce and place. It provides an opportunity to show. Compared with injection mold parts, tepe operators should first carefully read the product manual. X can be used to manufacture thinner shells to reduce the installation of ball screws. There is almost no self-locking installation space."

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