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Langfang has built the Beijing Tianjin Hebei "big data" center as an ideal cloud storage base

the data room of Runze international information port is close to the capital, and insists on not developing pollution industries. By building an environmental friendly high-end cloud base, it not only serves the headquarters economy in Beijing, but also reduces pressure for the capital's atmospheric governance

in the data room of Langfang Runze international information port, tens of thousands of server traffic lights flash frequently. These servers are transmitting groups of data to a central Ministry in Beijing 50 kilometers away. There are a large number of group headquarters in Beijing. Nowadays, many central ministries and commissions and central enterprises have no longer invested in building their own data processing centers, but have outsourced big data storage, processing and other businesses, and the concrete pump truck with the longest boom in the world to Langfang cloud

harsh temperature requirements

entering the constant temperature machine room of more than 300 square meters, thousands of servers in 182 data cabinets are running at high speed, and you can obviously feel a heat wave when you walk by. The temperature electronic screen in the machine room shows that the temperature is 24 ℃, and the humidity is 60%

the data processor has strict requirements for temperature, which requires the temperature to be controlled between 23 ℃ and 27 ℃. If it is high, it cannot meet the heat dissipation requirements. Low, the chassis is prone to condensation, affecting the operation of the processor. Li Li, deputy general manager of Runze international information port, told

in order to provide a comfortable working environment for the processor, there are two sets of air circulation systems, cold circulation and hot circulation, on both sides of each row of chassis, which strictly control the indoor temperature and humidity

the data machine room is only a part of the data module building, which has four floors. The first floor is the power supply system, and the second, third and fourth floors are the machine room built by HP and IBM with reference to the world's top standards, said Wang Wanjie, director of the raw material Industry Department of Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology; There is also an integrated monitoring building connected to the data center module, forming an independent enclosed space

double disaster recovery backup capability

the most important thing of cloud storage is security. The data center stores many large enterprise user data. If there is a problem with the storage system, the consequences will be unimaginable. All our data modules have double security. Once one group of modules cannot run, another group of modules will start running. Said Zhou Chaonan, chairman of Runze international information port

in the cloud storage industry, every second of power failure is a disaster. Zhou Chaonan said that among the many choices, Langfang was the last choice. In addition to being close to Beijing, the stable power supply around Beijing is also an important factor. In addition, the cloud base also has its own power generation system to ensure the normal operation of the data center in the event of a large-scale power outage

reserve a large amount of spare space

in the face of a large number of users, the stored files will increase exponentially, which requires that the capacity expansion of the storage system can keep up with the growth of the amount of data, and has the throughput performance of linear growth

Amazon shopping requires us to have 500 mainframe cabinets and 1000 cabinets for future market development. Li Li, deputy general manager of Runze international information port, told

there are many cloud bases in China, but they are not systematic and often become information islands. Zhou Chaonan said

as the largest cloud storage base in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, Runze cloud storage base has built a data center area of 82000 square meters. It is expected to build a data center of 660000 square meters by 2018, with 20 buildings, which will be the largest data center in Asia. At present, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the General Administration of customs, international airlines, JD mall, Amazon and other users have successively settled in


Langfang Chengyun base is an ideal choice

information port is like a storage port, while Beijing's user center is an operation terminal. Zhou Chaonan vividly compares the relationship between cloud base and data users

the cloud storage center is not suitable for the central city, but it cannot be too far away from the central city. The industry has found a consensus: in the central urban areas, the competitiveness of enterprises is affected by factors such as land and labor costs; It is too far away from the central city, so partners are unwilling to come, and it is inconvenient to maintain. In 2009, Runze international information port was settled in Langfang

temperature is the basic factor that must be considered in setting up the data center. If the temperature is too high, it will increase the refrigeration cost required for equipment cooling, which is currently being promoted. Langfang city has a temperature of less than 20 degrees in half a year, and the geological structure conditions are good, far away from the earthquake fault zone, suitable for the construction of large-scale cloud storage data center

located in the center of Beijing Tianjin Tangshan, Langfang has many advantages, such as low land cost and temperature adaptation, making it an ideal choice for big data centers. In addition to Runze information port, many cloud bases have settled in Langfang. In addition to Beijing Guanghuan New Technology Co., Ltd., which first settled in Yanjiao, Sanhe City, China Unicom North China (Langfang) base project has also stepped up its construction in Langfang, becoming China Unicom's largest comprehensive information service base with significantly improved heat and oil resistance in North China

we cannot develop high polluting enterprises around Beijing. Cloud base, an environmental friendly high-end enterprise, can not only serve Beijing's headquarters economy, but also reduce pressure on Beijing's atmospheric governance, killing two birds with one stone. Talking about the relief function for the capital, Wang Xiaodong, Secretary of Langfang municipal Party committee, said that Langfang should have less general traditional industries, resolutely not backward polluting industries, and strive to achieve the maximum industrial development with a small land space

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