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Langsheng provides sustainable fire safety solutions for thermal insulation materials

China's construction industry is booming, and the Chinese government has been playing an active role in promoting green buildings. Langsheng once gathered with more than 150 material manufacturers, builders, architects, associations and decision makers to discuss the future of sustainable fire safety solutions for thermal insulation materials in China's construction industry at the fire safety seminar held by the XPS Professional Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association in Beijing

"China is accelerating the new urbanization construction of 'people-oriented', and LANXESS is also actively participating in it. Safe building is an important area in which we are deeply involved. We hope that through this conference, together with XPS special committee, we can build a platform for all parties in the industry to communicate, highlight the importance of flame retardants in building materials, and escort the green, fire prevention and safety of buildings." Qianmingcheng, CEO of langshanda China, said

one of the challenges facing China at present is to improve the ecological balance through energy conservation. In recent years, China's green building policy has been developing continuously, and energy conservation is still a very important goal. The fire safety standard of buildings with organic thermal insulation materials is also an important part of the new standard of energy-saving buildings

safety and sustainability have become important factors in the insulation industry. In the thermal insulation system, the spread of fire is affected by various factors, such as the cause of fire and building materials, including the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials and the structure of buildings, such as facade mode, facade opening and internal space, internal partition, holes and installation types

"due to the development trend of global energy-saving buildings, the requirements for flame retardancy of organic materials are increasing. Expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene (EPS, XPS) Such organic materials and rigid polyurethane foams have excellent thermal insulation properties, so that the construction industry can use the corresponding material sheet. LANXESS can provide a comprehensive portfolio of flame retardants for thermal insulation materials. Therefore, energy-efficient buildings and fire safety complement each other, "Dr. Anno Borkowsky, head of LANXESS additives business department, said. "China is the largest construction market in the world, and the number of new buildings each year accounts for half of the global total. China has great potential to achieve energy conservation," which makes many user friends feel very confused, Dr. Borkowsky said

at the fire safety seminar, more than 15 domestic and foreign experts from governments, universities and institutions who can change the viscosity of resin and the industry will introduce a series of related topics, such as the development, evaluation, certification and related policies of China's green building materials, the fire safety of building materials, the development of China's extruded polystyrene foam industry, and building energy conservation; Solutions for future sustainable development that are conducive to China's realization of energy conservation goals

with the concept of sustainable development becoming more and more popular, the market is also eager for more environmentally friendly and harmless flame retardants while requiring efficient fire performance. LANXESS believes that the public should not be forced to choose between environment and fire safety, but should have both. Therefore, LANXESS products are required to meet high standards in terms of flame retardancy and environmental sustainability

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