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Langfang xuriyuan's story of "investigating and eliminating doubts and buying equipment with full payment"

this is a true story that just happened in March: the customer visited Heidelberg Qingpu factory with full doubts about local assembly equipment, and returned with satisfaction. He immediately paid the full payment to purchase a Suba CD 102 four-color printing machine

the story also starts from a printing plant called xuriyuan in Langfang, an important printing town in the north

xuriyuan printing is medium-sized, with about 100 employees. It has a wide range of business and can do business packaging, including pre press and post press. The company's equipment can also be called excellent. Although it started from two companies, it gradually introduced three Heidelberg imported equipment, such as Bakai and folio. Boss Wang Zhen is smart and capable, and is quite famous in the local area

here, I would like to introduce to friends who are not familiar with the north that Langfang is located between the two municipalities directly under the central government of Beijing and Tianjin, close to the golden channel of Beijing Tianjin Tangshan expressway, with convenient transportation and developed communication. It is the concentration of private printing plants. With the characteristics of low wages, high flexibility and direct supply to Beijing and Tianjin, Langfang has become the famous printing center of northern printing

with more and more packaging orders, boss Wang was happy and began to vigorously solicit to buy another Heidelberg CD 102 four-color machine at the beginning of the year. CD 102 is the trump model of Heidelberg packaging and printing, flexible and stable, which is Wang Zhen's great love. However, he has many doubts about the Qingpu equipment recommended by Heidelberg sales: is the domestic assembly quality reliable? I heard that domestic accessories don't work? Those difficult jobs can't go wrong. Can Qingpu equipment print well? A series of big question marks made Wang Zhen's heart can't help but retreat

in fact, Wang Zhen's doubts are by no means unique. These problems are also the biggest concerns of the industry about the local assembly equipment of Heidelberg Qingpu factory. Heidelberg sales has been prepared for this. He put facts and reason, and reiterated to the customer that Heidelberg Qingpu equipment has no compromise on quality.

the Chinese market has become the development strategic focus of Heidelberg company. For this reason, Qingpu factory is an important part of Heidelberg's global production base and the only offset press assembly factory besides weissloch assembly plant in Germany. All production line equipment, production and testing processes, as well as all details, are exactly the same as those of the German headquarters. All the core components related to the printing quality are imported from Germany. Only in some industries that have nothing to do with the printing quality, many companies produce mostly popular plastic products, auxiliary parts, small force 1, and try domestic components on S-type sensor parts, such as pedals, covers, electrical cabinets, water tanks, etc. Of course, we also adhere to Heidelberg's meticulous German standards in the purchase of local parts and the audit of suppliers. Basically, all suppliers are Heidelberg's partners' investment projects in China

the standardized configuration of Qingpu equipment has fully considered the production needs of most printing plants in China. It has been configured with automatic version loading, enhanced Feida and Gaotai paper receiving, etc., and its automation level has been in the upper reaches of the current industry. The multiple guarantees of equipment warranty terms are unmatched in terms of personnel training and equipment maintenance. Qingpu also launched the split five color machine in 2012, which is to provide more suitable choices for Chinese packaging and printing enterprises

practice is the only standard to test the truth. The sales of Qingpu Bakai and Sikai equipment have exceeded 1000 printing units, and the sales of folio CD 102 has also exceeded 100 units. According to Heidelberg's equipment tracking survey, the average annual production of these equipment has reached 35million copies, which is indistinguishable from imported CD 102! Without strict quality control and reliable service guarantee, this achievement will never be achieved. Qingpu equipment is also sold to Japan, Singapore, India, Vietnam and other countries, and has also received a lot of recognition and praise

the data of the average annual printing volume of 35million pieces brightened boss Wang's eyes. Today's printing business is tight in time and heavy in task. He knows too well what continuous, stable and efficient production means to the enterprise. If everything is true, boss Wang began his next calculation. He proposed whether he could go to Qingpu factory for on-site investigation, and also proposed a special request to print the live parts he brought on the CD 102 machine in Qingpu factory

this is asking a dragon Python Baili to achieve a net profit of 1.97 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2018. It can't be mixed with fake on-site tests at all! This requirement excited Heidelberg sales. If the test passed, it would be more effective than saying a train; And he is also confident that Qingpu design has one of the loneliest and hardest figures busy in the north and south of the river -- that is, the commissioning service personnel of the experimental machine. After some discussion and contact, the whole sales department of Heidelberg and Qingpu factory gave strong support and actively promoted

on March 20, accompanied by sales, Wang Zhen, general manager of xuriyuan, and Meng Qingzhong, deputy general manager, came to Shanghai with a difficult work piece carefully selected. The electronic documents were first published in a printing factory in Shanghai, and then brought to Qingpu for on-site printing on an assembled CD 102 four-color machine. This living piece is a packaging living piece with bright colors and rich details. The on-site printing meets the expectations of the public. The printing color is outstanding, the operation is simple, efficient and stable. The excellent results under personal supervision made Wang Zhenxin take orally. He made a decision immediately and said that he would purchase a Qingpu folio four-color machine in full immediately! Sure enough, he is a smart customer who needs to make sure everything is safe

as a result, there was a dramatic scene of doubts at the beginning, clouds cleared, and win-win signing. Of course, the story of xuriyuan is far from over. After they came back, they signed a contract to pay and honor their commitments. Heidelberg is also extremely efficient, and immediately arranged delivery and installation. So far, on May 25, the deadline for writing, the new equipment has been successfully put into production in xuriyuan for more than a month and a half. It is said that customers are quite satisfied

Postscript: for a printing factory, good equipment can lay the foundation for success. Before investment, carefully investigate and listen to blind faith. Boss Wang's practice is still commendable

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