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Successful cases of packaging - look at the sublimation of product value

1. The importance of packaging

first of all, products are the carrier for enterprises to realize various interests, and packaging conveys value to customers in a specific form. Secondly, packaging is a medium that represents the most contact between enterprises and consumers and the lowest cost, and conveys the value of brands and products. When a customer purchases a product, he will first judge the value of the product through the packaging. The judgment of value is not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also through the information conveyed by the packaging to meet or guide his potential needs. These functions of packaging need us to pay attention to packaging design and make it create new value for us. At the same time, we also need new packaging design concepts and methods to achieve this goal. Here, from the perspective of combining theory with practice, discuss "How does packaging design create value for 10. Isolation products.

2. The value created by packaging design and the method of creating value

the value of a product mainly consists of two parts: one part is the use value of the product, that is, the quality of the product, which can only be perceived by consumers after use; the other part is the brand and product selling point value conveyed through packaging design, which guides consumption through graphic cues It is realized by the psychological feeling of the person. Therefore, a good packaging design can not only effectively spread product information, but also enhance the psychological value of the product. When a customer purchases a product under normal application conditions, he should not only understand the actual use value, but also imply that he can obtain many non product benefits through the information transmitted by the packaging design. How to create additional value beyond product quality? We can use external resources to associate with products from the following aspects to enhance the psychological value of products

2.1 taking advantage of the relationship between Regional Symbols and products, the production places of many products have high popularity and reputation, and skillfully applying the graphics symbolizing the origin to the packaging design will make? Xiao Fei has a good association with products, Example: HTML "If the elephant trunk mountain, which symbolizes Guilin, is used in packaging, consumers will think that it is from Guilin with beautiful scenery. When they sell their products to him, they also sell their Guilin landscapes to him, thus creating more added value.

2.2 many products are famous because of a poem or a celebrity. If they skillfully use these humanistic factors to design, they can improve their products Added value of

2.3 making use of the relationship between contemporary celebrities and products is a popular method at present, which can rapidly improve the popularity and added value of products with the help of celebrity effect. For example, the McDonald's products endorsed by Yao Ming, it is easy for consumers to connect Yao Ming's healthy, upward and energetic side with the products, resulting in a desire to buy

2.4 make use of the relationship between the brand and relevant symbols and the product. Well known brands and their symbols concentrate the brand value, which can quickly enhance the product value when applied to the product; The marks and symbols of other authoritative organizations are the same, such as the Olympic logo, organic certification logo, Chinese well-known trademark logo and so on. Not all enterprises and products have or can use the above external resources that can be used to enhance the added value of products. Most products can only look for features from the product, refine these features from the perspective of demand, form the concept of products, and communicate with consumers visually through the graphic design of packaging design, so that consumers can know the features of products in a short time, Let packaging become a talkative person. When we can only excavate the product characteristics from the inside and refine the packaging design concept, we will find that some products have characteristics, but some products are homogeneous with competitive products, and the characteristics are not obvious. Some products still have shortcomings to some extent. In view of these situations, we should use exaggeration to express the product characteristics according to the different needs and motivations of consumers before packaging design. For example, "Huiyuan 100, 100% pure fruit juice" emphasizes its purity with figures; Another example is: "white plus black, white tablets during the day, no sleepiness; black tablets at night, sleeping fragrance", which closely links the product characteristics with the benefits that consumers can obtain, and well strengthens the product characteristics through the visual performance of packaging design (black and white clear outer packaging box, black and white pills with different colors, etc.) In the era of overproduction, product homogenization is a general trend. Only by being good at using themes and marketing concepts can we create more differences for products. For example, "Mengniu milk, special milk for Chinese astronauts" and "Jinliufu, Olympic blessing" have created selling points without any change. For the shortcomings of some products, changing the angle will highlight the characteristics of the products, For example: "Nong" Fushan spring fruit, shake it before drinking ". Originally, the juice made of three kinds of fruits had sediment, but it used" shake it before drinking " The advertising appeal of the three fruits not only avoids the shortcomings, but also implies the authenticity of the three fruits. In short, whether from the outside or from the product itself, the concept of the product must be refined before the packaging design, that is, the point of interest of selling to consumers, that is, the point of meeting the needs of consumers. The concentration of concept is to use exaggeration, contrast, hint and other means to express the interests of the product, which can enlarge the value of the product

3. Typical cases of food packaging design

the following is a case of packaging design from two different angles. We hope that our packaging design ideas and methods can be used for reference in enterprise packaging design

3.1 case of Zhengzhu soybean milk product image design: vividly express the "nutrition concept" in a rational and perceptual way. Nutrition is one of the main motivations of soybean milk consumption. People all know that soybean milk is nutritious, but when asked what nutrition soybean milk has, most people may only know protein, while other nutrients with high content that play an important role in human health, such as isoflavones, lecithin, vitamins, iron Saponins, calcium and bifidus factors are often unknown to ordinary people. The nutritional value of soybean milk is simplified into a product concept mainly containing protein and stored in the human brain. In this case, it is necessary for Zhengzhu to put forward a new product concept for the nutritional demands of soybean milk, so as to create a new product image of Zhengzhu soybean milk. Nutrition exists in food in the form of particles or elements. Although it is beneficial to human health, it is invisible to us. Nutrition often gives people the impression of abstract and lifeless words. The "nutrition visible" appeal strategy we put forward for Zhengzhu soybean milk is to enlarge the product details that are easy to be ignored by people, so as to produce a dramatic effect. While attracting customers' attention, it can also strengthen the product characteristics that Zhengzhu soybean milk is the "most nutritious soybean milk". The nutrition is vividly expressed in the form of cartoon, which is lively and has a good affinity. It is very suitable for the characteristics of soybean milk products. Therefore, we designed 8 kinds of nutritional ingredients into 8 small cartoons to skillfully express the characteristics of the products. The nutritional components expressed in cartoon form appear on the packaging, making "nutrition visible" dramatic, as shown in Figure 1. Cartoon expression is in line with the aesthetic requirements of our target consumer group (children), and through the publicity of soybean milk nutrition, it meets the food requirements of another target consumer group (parents of children)

3.2 Jincai milk packaging design case: relying on the theme and bearing the millennium cultural value, "Jincai" is a Changchun milk brand and an old brand enterprise with a history of seven years. After analyzing the brand name, we believe that the name of "Jincai" is not appropriate as a dairy brand, because "Jincai" is easy to make people think of things like gold and silver treasures first, which is a little out of tune with the emerging health consumer goods such as dairy products. In response to this problem, we launched the design. First, we thought of the image of "God of wealth" from "wealth", so we designed a lovely little god of wealth. After further understanding, it is found that the God of wealth has mount since ancient times. So we let the lovely little god of wealth ride on a cow. In this way, the "golden wealth" is linked with dairy products vividly, and we use it as the main visual image. On this basis, we have also created "happy little god of wealth", "Ruyi little god of wealth" and "healthy little god of wealth with all basic work completed". On the theme of packaging design, "health is the source of wealth" is used to explain the value of products and brands, and the specific description is spread with "quality is like gold, health is like money" as the main advertising language. When the whole scheme was completed, the customer's evaluation was that it not only recovered the brand assets painstakingly accumulated by "Jincai" for seven years, but also unexpectedly obtained a cultural heritage with a history of thousands of years - the God of wealth

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