The most popular Styrene Market in Asia saw a rise

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The Asian styrene market price rose

the closing price of Asian styrene FOB South Korea was USD/ton, up 15 USD/ton, and the closing price of CFR China was USD/ton, unchanged from yesterday. As the traders made up the short selling goods in the early stage and the pure benzene market rose slightly, the market was supported by the suppliers of Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan and other auto giants. However, the fundamentals of the market are still weak, and the downstream demand is still light. The stock of plastic raw materials required by enterprises to regenerate waste plastics from daily life by the spot plastic recycling granulator in China, Japan and South Korea is still high. On the same day, the counter-offer for the goods in the first/second half of June was US $890/ton FOB Korea, and the offer was US $910/ton Z - the perimeter length of the corrugated box (CM);. In CFR market, the buyer's interest is USD/ton with 90 day credit, which is equivalent to the spot price of USD/ton, while the seller's interest is USD 930/ton with 90 day credit, which is equivalent to the spot price of USD 920/ton for ease of use

domestic market: throughout the day, there was no offer in Zhangjiagang market. In the afternoon, it was rumored that a handymaker company offered RMB/ton, but it was not verified. The South China market is similar to this, but insiders say that the local market price is about yuan/ton, and the delivery price

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