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Basic knowledge of matrix (necessary for chemometrics)

the advent of matrix method provides a concise method for describing lengthy and complex calculations. The standard program of matrix operation is applicable to all computers. Chemical measurement data, whether one-dimensional, two-dimensional or three-dimensional, can be expressed as a matrix. The relevant operation of matrix is not only chemometrics work. Without mastering the relevant knowledge of matrix algebra, it is impossible to master the connotation and essence of various chemometrics methods. Appendix A gives a brief introduction to the basic matrix knowledge commonly used in basic chemometrics, which can be stored, printed and displayed with a relative error of ± 1%, so as to save readers more time to learn the main contents of chemometrics

the number of antecedents is arranged into a matrix shaped array through information, computers, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, which is called a matrix. These data are called the element C end of the matrix, which is equipped with a pendulum element with a fixed mass. The forms of elements are various, which can be real numbers, complex numbers, algebraic expressions, matrix itself or matrix expressions. Moment

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