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Strengthen the basic knowledge that novice operators of equipment should master

in the past few years, there have been many technical documents and discussions on the strengthening process under control. It includes studying the development trend of metal plasticity on the surface and subsurface of parts. With the progress of strengthening effect analysis technology, we began to pay attention to factors such as micro structure, X-ray diffraction, shot shape, shot hardness. At present, these two standards are being fulfilled at the same time, part deformation and stress distribution analysis

all of the above are quite important and necessary research, but what about a novice operator or company who is just beginning to get involved in the application of this process? Overly abstruse technical discussions will scare off these entry-level users, who will be confused by various theories and lose confidence

for the users or operators of these new strengthening equipment, we don't think it is necessary to study the topics of metal metallurgy plasticity and microstructure in detail. The equipment is used for a period of time to "But then, these knowledge will be learned naturally. No matter what type of reinforcement system is used, it is necessary for a mature and experienced reinforcement operator to master these knowledge.

for a novice, the best way to lay a foundation is to follow the operating steps in the operating manual, operate step by step, and strictly follow the precautions in the manual to complete the reinforcement Tasks. The key point in the downstream industry stage of developing new environmentally friendly packaging materials, fiber materials, plastic products, medical materials and automotive interior materials based on polylactic acid is to understand the relationship between the equipment used and the strengthening results

throwing head speed/air pressure = shot flow speed = intensity

shot flow x time = coverage

after mastering the relationship between these parameters, the operator can accurately predict each strengthening process. When choosing, the operator should not only pay attention to the final effect of the brand, but also reduce the time for machine reset. This is also very important and critical for strengthening situations requiring different strengths and coverage, which can ensure that the equipment can be adjusted according to the technical requirements and meet the process indicators

after understanding these basic principles, the operator can complete the shot peening strengthening operation according to the basic steps, which involves four main steps:

1 By adjusting the rotating speed or air pressure of the throwing head, a shot flow velocity that can achieve the target strengthening intensity can be obtained

2. Determine the appropriate shot flow rate corresponding to the head speed/air pressure in step 1

3 Draw the saturation curve and set the intensity value

4 Determine the strengthening time required for the part surface to reach 98%-100% strengthening coverage

5 Place the workpiece formally under the shot flow to obtain the required coverage (such as 100%, 150%, etc.)

when the operator can understand these steps and is familiar with the use of Almen test piece and the reaction of the test piece in the adjustment of machine parameters, he/she will operate the equipment with confidence. After building self-confidence, operators will gradually understand the reinforcement technology in more detail and deeper analysis

in terms of the principle, analysis and technical development of enhanced depth, it is of little significance to a novice operator, but too profound theory will deter these operators who are new to the process. Only when he can actually operate the machine, he will naturally be willing to further understand all aspects of strengthened knowledge and technology. (end)

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