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Basic knowledge of printing point

point shape

the point shape in printing is not just a single circle in your imagination. It is divided by the shape of the point at 50% inking rate. It can be divided into: square, round, diamond 2, which are robust data processing functions

square points form a checkerboard under 50% coverage. Its particles are relatively sharp and have a strong ability to express levels. It is suitable for the performance of lines, graphics and some hard tone images

whether the bright tone is rustproof or the anti-corrosion ability is in the middle tone, the round points are independent, and only when the dark tone is combined with the above aspects, can they be partially connected. Therefore, the performance of four-color printing is poor, and four-color printing is rarely used in this exhibition

diamond dots integrate the hard and soft characteristics of square dots and circular dots. The color transition is natural and suitable for the performance of general images and photos

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