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China has formed a flexible packaging industry chain and accelerated the pace of large-scale production

according to the latest report "2018 global flexible packaging market wait and see" released by the British well-known research company pine, the advantages of flexible packaging technology have made great changes in the packaging market. Industrial food and products are no longer only an option of low cost, but flexible packaging has become the favored object of many consumer products. With its own characteristics, flexible packaging is occupying the market of iron cans, glass, solid plastic bottles and packaging boxes. In the next five years, the global flexible packaging market will increase by an annual rate of 3.5%. It is estimated that the output value will reach 231billion US dollars by 2018

flexible packaging has a broad market prospect. Flexible packaging refers to the packaging whose container shape can change after filling or taking out the contents. At present, there are mainly various bags, boxes, covers and packages made of paper, aluminum foil, fiber, plastic film and their composites on the market. According to the survey data, it has gradually eroded the market of metal, carton and other packaging materials because of its own advantages

in recent years, with the growth of the output of food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, washing products, beer and condiments, there is an increasing demand for flexible packaging of plastics and plastic composites. With the continuous improvement of materials and processing technology, plastic flexible packaging is playing a more and more important role in many fields. People can not live without shopping bags, commodity bags, garbage bags and refrigerator fresh-keeping bags; Plastic flexible packaging film is also widely used in industrial products packaging, household goods packaging, clothing packaging and pharmaceutical packaging

in the packaging industry, flexible packaging has become one of the most important packaging forms for shelf sales with its gorgeous colors, rich functions and diverse forms of expression. The progress of the domestic flexible packaging industry has greatly promoted the development of food, daily chemical and other industries. In turn, the development of these industries has further stimulated the demand for the flexible packaging market, making the flexible packaging industry obtain a huge market power. According to the prediction of authoritative institutions, the global flexible packaging market will increase by 3.5% annually in the next five years, and the output value is expected to reach 231billion US dollars by 2018. As the second largest packaging country in the world, China naturally needs to keep up with the pace of development in this regard

the level of domestic flexible packaging production line has been greatly improved. Flexible packaging started in China 20 years ago. The domestic flexible packaging industry has developed rapidly from small to large, showing an obvious trend of collectivization and scale. At present, there are about 400 imported gravure flexible packaging production lines and nearly 1000 domestic wide width high-speed gravure flexible packaging production lines in the mainland of China. The manufacturing level of these production lines has approached or reached the level of developed countries

at the same time, world-class printing enterprises are accelerating their development in China by means of absolute holding, new wholly-owned production enterprises and holding companies, mergers and acquisitions of Chinese advantageous enterprises, etc. For example, a few days ago, the global packaging production giant am6 and the batch measurement department spent 350million yuan to acquire the flexible packaging business of Jiangsu Shenda group. As the most potential packaging market, China will naturally attract foreign investment, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for China's flexible packaging color printing enterprises

in recent years, China's flexible packaging enterprises have closely followed the changes in market demand, timely adjusted the product structure, tilted resources towards benefits, and realized product differentiation and structural diversification. High value-added products emerge in endlessly, such as BOPP heat shrinkable film, antistatic film, high-definition film, cooking resistant film, transfer film, high brightness film, ultra-thin film and synthetic paper, which have gradually realized industrialization. Boppt heat-resistant film, boppt coating film and boppt film with nano materials have become the new development trend of boppt film

the green development road of flexible packaging BOPP plastic film is a very important flexible packaging material. BOPP plastic film is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and has high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, strong toughness and good transparency. However, there are also problems such as easy accumulation of static electricity, no heat sealing, difficult recovery, easy pollution, etc

under the impact of the wave of environmental protection, consumers have put forward higher and higher requirements for commodity packaging. The most important meaning of green packaging is to protect the environment, but also has the meaning of resource regeneration. On the recycling of waste packaging, there is a common principle that on the premise of meeting the packaging function, we should try to reduce the amount of waste and encourage the use of less raw materials. The packaging design should try to use the same materials, separable and coexisting materials, and tend to use materials with simple structure and easy recycling. Therefore, in order to make great progress in plastic flexible packaging, we must improve production technology and reduce the use of raw materials. The key is to develop new raw materials, improve production efficiency and reduce raw material input while reducing environmental pollution caused by waste products. For example, childish barrier packaging materials

green packaging is the need of international environmental protection development trend, and also represents the development trend of packaging industry in various countries. It is one of the important contents to improve product market competitiveness and avoid new trade barriers. At present, China has made great progress in the recycling of plastic flexible packaging waste with the progress of science and technology. High strength metallocene polyolefins successfully reduce the thickness of the entire packaging film; The popularization of coextrusion technology and equipment has effectively solved the problem of accurately controlling the thickness of each layer of film. Even the barrier layer with high price can be controlled very thin, and the preservation performance can be doubled or even tens of times

summary: with the adjustment of market products, the development trend of plastic flexible packaging film is very obvious, the market mechanism of survival of the fittest has taken shape, and small-scale and poor quality enterprises have basically withdrawn from the market. Therefore, many enterprises are speeding up the pace of large-scale production in combination with the adjustment of product structure. On the whole, the publishing units in more than 10 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) are supervised every year. China's flexible packaging industry has formed its own basic industrial chain

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