China glass machinery logistics exhibition center

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Shunde will build China glass machinery logistics exhibition center Guangdong Shunde Lunjiao is building a China glass machinery logistics exhibition center covering an area of 50000 m2, integrating product display, sales, technical exchange, R & D, education and training, supporting services and other functions

at present, there is no professional market for glass machinery in China, and the sales of products are completely completed by means of exhibition, agency and distribution. The lag of the sales mode has affected the rapid development of the glass machinery industry to some extent. After the completion of the China glass machinery logistics exhibition center, a production and marketing linkage based on the Lunjiao glass machinery manufacturing base will be formed, which will stimulate the industrial development with the professional market and promote the market growth with the industry. The center will attract global counterparts to enter, form an international glass machinery product exhibition window that radiates both at home and abroad, and become a perennial exhibition for the domestic glass machinery industry and the titanium alloy tourism industry products required by the aerospace industry, where about 5% of vanadium is used to produce titanium alloy products

it is reported that Lunjiao glass machinery sprouted from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, Experience 1 "The domestic industrial supply chain has been gradually improved for more than 0 years. Now it has dozens of glass machinery manufacturers, accounting for about 10%~15% Engraving and tempering, hot bending, sandwich and other production machinery and equipment

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