China has become the world's most popular plastic

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China has become the world's plastic landfill

when you get up in the morning, pick up a plastic toothbrush, squeeze toothpaste from the plastic toothpaste tube to wash, then go to the company to pick up a plastic water cup, pick up water from the plastic water dispenser, go home at night to unpack all kinds of plastic packaged snacks and drink plastic bottled drinks -

you must have never imagined that your life surrounded by plastic has already been full of danger

the danger comes from the source of these plastics. After all, many domestic plastic products are waste from all over the world. After being purchased by Chinese garbage dumps, they enter China legally or illegally

only between the Fifth Ring Road and the Sixth Ring Road in Beijing, there are countless garbage dumps with a scale of tens of thousands of square meters. A photographer named wangjiuliang visited these dumps and marked the location of the dumps in yellow on Google maps. So here is the spectacular picture of "garbage besieged city"

people do not know that they are risking their lives to enjoy plastic garbage every day, nor do they know that some people earn millions a month through garbage processing

as early as April this year, there was a "medical waste was made into tableware" -

a tramp who earned 2000 yuan a month by picking up cans. After changing to medical waste business, his daily income directly crossed the 10000 yuan mark, easily surpassing white-collar workers in first tier cities:

infusion bottles, infusion tubes, disposable syringes Medical waste contaminated with bacteria and viruses is always the most dangerous. It is these things that are recycled after extremely simple treatment -

become milk tea cups, mineral water bottles, barreled instant noodles and disposable tableware in our hands

what exposes all this to us is a documentary film "plastic China - the kingdom of plastic", which has been tracked and filmed for three years. In the Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival, the world's largest Documentary Film Festival just held, this film won the new unit Jury Award

at the beginning of the film, it was a hill like garbage dump. This is the garbage collection department of the ecological center in the United States

the job of the truck is to send garbage to the assembly line:

in the face of the assembly line full of garbage, only two workers pick and choose carelessly

their task is to pick out the waste products worthy of recycling:

after the waste plastics in the garbage are selected, they are directly packed and transported to China

why should it be sent to China? "

"because the Chinese market is so attractive, Chinese buyers can offer more than twice the price of others."

foreigners believe that Chinese people must have the best garbage recycling technology, so they dare to pay such a high price

from 2000 to 2011, the volume of garbage and waste products imported by China from the United States soared from the initial US $740million to US $11.54 billion

the total trade volume of China's imports from the United States is 124billion US dollars, of which 11.1% are imported from garbage when the left side of the swing rod is aligned with the marking of the standard line plate

however, the United States is only one of China's waste import sources, and China has become the world's landfill

unfortunately, after leaving the port, most of these wastes will not be sent to the technologically developed Chinese waste recycling station -

their destination is actually a small town along the southeast coast

from Northeast China to North China, from East China to South China, almost every province in the coastal area has waste plastic production areas

foreign garbage is sorted, recycled and treated here, and flows into processing plants large and small across the country as industrial materials

in the process of garbage sorting, there is no machinery at all, let alone a professional assembly line

people have only one tool: hands

car wheels, old parts, packaging bags and water bottles are just regular visitors in the garbage. Used sanitary napkins, half absorbed drugs and blood stained needles are the featured products here. Foreign funded enterprises have great advantages in battery consistency, stability, cycle life, etc.

sorters' fingers are often punctured, and wound poisoning is the most common thing

there was also an old lady who did not understand foreign languages. When she opened a bottle containing hydrofluoric acid, her knuckles were directly burned

after the villagers' hand sorting, the garbage of no use value is thrown to the roadside, and a small soil slope is piled up layer by layer:

finally, the garbage will be burned on the spot, and the thick smoke will cover the whole town:

cleaning plastics requires a lot of wastewater. A processing plant can draw 50 tons of groundwater per hour, which is about the daily domestic water consumption of 238 people

these wastewater containing germs will be directly discharged into the river, and you can smell a strong odor a mile away:

but the town residents are used to it. In their words, they can't tell what the smell is because they smell too much

channel: solid waste treatment key words: medical waste landfill

children catch a fish in the polluted river. They are very happy. This will be a big dinner tonight:

washing their hair with dirty water in the sewage pool has become the girl's daily life:

because they are unattended, young children are also brought into the garbage heap, Let the face be covered with flies:

older children are in a wild stocking state. They have no toys. They use discarded medical gloves as balloons:

disposable syringes dug out of the garbage can become water spray guns by filling them with water

children who are not sensible may even put an unsterilized syringe into their mouth

the shepherd drives the sheep to the grassland full of garbage. After they grow fat, they may be brought to your table by chance:

from the environment to the residents, everything in this small town is in an irreparable state, going deeper and deeper

because the water source was polluted, the whole town could only buy water a few years ago

people who make money from garbage can spend dozens of yuan a month on water, but the old lady who lacks a source of income can't even pay for water -

the price of these buckets of life-saving water is only 4 yuan

two young workers face the camera and say:

"the body should be broken, but don't check it. It doesn't matter if you die. You can't do anything without money."

it is inconceivable that when the whole town is going to be destroyed by garbage, the villagers still insist on continuing their work

there is no doubt that there is only one motivation: interest

for these coastal towns, garbage disposal is almost the only way to make money

special broaching machine for impact specimen notch

plastic waste with an original price of 4000 yuan/ton can be sold at a price of 8000 yuan/ton after being processed into plastic particles

if crops are planted, the annual income is a fixed yuan. But picking up garbage is different. The more you do, the more you earn -

you can earn a penny by disposing of a kilo of garbage. Many residents of the town also have a monthly income of at least 2000 yuan

businessmen at the top of the waste disposal chain can earn 2million yuan a year by exploiting villagers

a little brother wanted to buy a car, but his family broke his fantasy with one sentence:

"don't dream, you have no money!"

but he knew that as long as he collected garbage for another 10 years, he could save enough money to get this dream car

poverty makes these people unable or afraid to turn back

what is more sad is that this film is only a microcosm of China's waste treatment industry. In 1995, Guiyu Town, Shantou, Guangdong Province began to dispose of e-waste. At its peak, it hired more than 100000 migrant workers to dispose of e-waste, creating an industrial output value of 5billion yuan in 2010

in 2011, Wen'an, Hebei Province, became a distribution center for plastic waste in the north. Later, the government banned the waste plastic recycling industry due to "dirty, disorderly and poor". This "one size fits all" approach has instead led to the spread of the waste industry. Baoding, Xingtai and other neighboring cities and counties have been quickly captured by waste processors and expanded in an instant

according to the report released by the United Nations Environment Programme, the world's electronic industry will generate 50million tons of electronic waste in 2017, of which 72% will enter China. And most of them will go into small towns and become the only source of livelihood for the villagers

the poor need to curl up at the bottom to make a living, and the multi rib structure is 10% lighter than the traditional thermosetting resin matrix composite sandwich plate structure; At the same time, businessmen need to stay at the top to make money

we can only tear open the plastic package of a bag of potato chips and continue to watch

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