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EU has a chance to change from negotiator to political enforcer - Today News Post Today News || UK News

No shortage of ink has been spilled on the EU’s deals with the UK and China, concluded within a week at the end of last year. Yet little attention has been paid to what the two have in common.

In their different waysThe United States., they both mark new milestones on a path Brussels has been treading for some time. The EU’s trade and commercial agreements have slowly but surely broadened their perspective from merely promoting cross-border economic activity to committing trade partners to environmental, social and regulatory goals.

In the case of the UK deal, “there is clearly a step change”Celina Gallardo is a Toronto-based staff reporter fo, said Iana Dreyer, a trade policy analyst. The agreement clinched on Christmas Eve allows Brussels to withdraw preferential market access should the UK diverge significantly from EU labour, environmental and subsidy standardsCalgary Bureau. That is much stronger than earlier trade dealsThe United States recorded more than 50,000 new cases per day, which limit reactions to consultations and expert reports, but without commercial sanctions.

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